Monday, March 30, 2015

What's Next?

So.... You have a carry permit, what's next? 

I see and speak to people everyday that have a handgun carry permit. The conversation starts out pretty much the same way each time: "what kind of firearm do you carry? holster? ammo?" and, eventually, the conversation gets around to range time and training. Let me clarify something right away-- range time does not equate to the training a person needs to carry a firearm for personal protection. Spending time training on the range and working with your firearm is great, but shooting a piece of paper while standing still in a limited-stress environment is simply NOT sufficient for a person who plans to carry a handgun for personal protection. 

I spoke to a gentleman recently. He was a salesman, and was wearing a suit and tie. He stated that he has been carrying his handgun for almost 30 years and, when he received his handgun carry permit, there was no course required. I asked the gentleman how often he practices with his handgun, and he answered  “two, maybe three, times a year.”  I then asked him how often he practices drawing his firearm and practices drawing while wearing his suit. The answer, oddly enough, was one I have unfortunately come to expect: “never."

We spend time practicing our golf swing, perfecting the perfect BBQ mixture, or picking out the proper accessories for whatever, but spend almost no time practicing with our firearms! Why?! Yes, it is something we hope we will never have use, but we rely upon them to save our own or our loved ones’ lives! Shouldn’t we be sure that we know how to properly use such a valuable tool?! Simply having a firearm or a handgun carry permit does not constitute being proficient or “safer". You still must seek some basic and advanced training. Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless! 

Call us at Norsemen TCG today and schedule a class or private lesson with us. Be confident when you carry or when at home that you are truly capable of defending yourself and your family in any situation.

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