Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do Yourself A Favor

Education. Training. Knowledge. No matter what you call it, some form of higher learning can only help you along the way. In our industry, far too often do we see folks who were too busy rather than uninformed; that in haste have make major mistakes that could forever cost him or her. Our tagline is "Safety isn't expensive - it's priceless." It is my hope to not cast judgment upon others but merely give a different view if you will, and get the gears turning to hopefully new ideas, practices, and procedures that can save a life.

So do yourself a favor.....

And slooooooow down. Take time to be aware of what is going on around you. If you carry a handgun think about what you may be doing - in haste - that could backfire (sore pun, indeed) from your decisions.

Learn how to shoot.

My husband doesn't pick out my clothes so he surely isn't picking out my handgun. I have to try on all different sizes and cuts at Old Navy for jeans so a similar trying on is required to find the perfect fit of a handgun. If you can't get your outstretched hand around the grip that's a good sign it's not right for you. What looks like it might be a good fit can surprise you once you get to the dressing room (or the firing range). Take your time. Do your research. Feel confident. If you aren't confident - you're missing the point.

Keep it Covered.

Conceal carry. And conceal well. No one likes handgun printing. It makes the anti-gunners shriek in fear, and the other conceal carriers let out a sigh, Come on man! Get yourself together!

Ladies - if you carry a handgun in your conventional purse please use a holster (which primary objective is to protect the trigger from inadvertent contact) or a dedicated pocket free from lipstick and cracker crumbs. I know how hardheaded many of you are so please don't shame me on the approval of just tossing a firearm into a never-ending black hole of a handbag. It happens, and far too many of you do it.

Follow Through.

Your duty as a firearm owner never ceases. Your shift is 24/7/365. Understand it. Embrace it. Uphold it. A loaded firearm (especially with children) demands extra precautions and extra responsibilities.

Think about a long day drawing to a close, how many of you set the purse on the kitchen counter and forget about it... If someone breaks in.... Oh look! I can steal your purse, which has your wallet, and... your firearm!  Or if a child has access to your purse and contents then we could have another sad news release of a mother who, like all the stories state, was an avid shooter and safety was important, and yet....

I have always believed there is a fine line between prepared and paranoid.... which are you?


PhotoCredit: Lucky Gunner Ammo

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