Monday, March 30, 2015

What's Next?

So.... You have a carry permit, what's next? 

I see and speak to people everyday that have a handgun carry permit. The conversation starts out pretty much the same way each time: "what kind of firearm do you carry? holster? ammo?" and, eventually, the conversation gets around to range time and training. Let me clarify something right away-- range time does not equate to the training a person needs to carry a firearm for personal protection. Spending time training on the range and working with your firearm is great, but shooting a piece of paper while standing still in a limited-stress environment is simply NOT sufficient for a person who plans to carry a handgun for personal protection. 

I spoke to a gentleman recently. He was a salesman, and was wearing a suit and tie. He stated that he has been carrying his handgun for almost 30 years and, when he received his handgun carry permit, there was no course required. I asked the gentleman how often he practices with his handgun, and he answered  “two, maybe three, times a year.”  I then asked him how often he practices drawing his firearm and practices drawing while wearing his suit. The answer, oddly enough, was one I have unfortunately come to expect: “never."

We spend time practicing our golf swing, perfecting the perfect BBQ mixture, or picking out the proper accessories for whatever, but spend almost no time practicing with our firearms! Why?! Yes, it is something we hope we will never have use, but we rely upon them to save our own or our loved ones’ lives! Shouldn’t we be sure that we know how to properly use such a valuable tool?! Simply having a firearm or a handgun carry permit does not constitute being proficient or “safer". You still must seek some basic and advanced training. Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless! 

Call us at Norsemen TCG today and schedule a class or private lesson with us. Be confident when you carry or when at home that you are truly capable of defending yourself and your family in any situation.

That Guy

Friday, March 27, 2015

Training vs Fear

When is the last time you stepped outside the box and tried something new, or do you play it safe and not challenge yourself or bruise your ego?  Training vs Fear—Sometimes a debilitating dilemma.
Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a challenge for most people, including myself. I think of the opportunities I personally have turned down in my youth either because of the fear that I would not be the best or not succeed. Many of us have that deep down fear of failing, but as they say, the only failure is failing to try.
I have the opportunity to speak to many people who carry a firearm and it amazes me the shear number who do not train. I repeatedly hear the same statements, " I have been shooting for years" or "I know how to shoot.", my personal favorite is " I have my carry permit and I know everything I need to know". My reply to these is simple, knowing how to shoot a paper target,  a tin can, or tree stump is a lot easier than protecting yourself from an attack or protecting your family from an intruder.
Let's start with the basic fundamentals of handgun safety and handling.  Staying true to the Training vs Fear is simply taking the a Basic Pistol Safety course and progressing from there.  The NRA, Norsemen Training & Consulting Group and multiple other qualified schools have put together a great foundation and starting point to teach shooters the correct and safe ways of handling your firearms. Be cautious, just because somebody has been in Law Enforcement or in the Military does not qualify them to be an instructor. Don't get me wrong, I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer and I have great admiration for those who have and still do serve their country in the Military and Law Enforcement. A good instructor will be certified and take continuous classes to improve themselves as well as help their students. A good instructor will never stop learning.
Sadly enough many people go to a range, shoot a few rounds at a paper target and pronounce to themselves "I got this covered".. More often than not, when I watch the people shoot after stating they "know what they are doing" it causes me great concern for my safety  as well as theirs.
I understand that pride or ego play a part in the shooting sports and personal protection, but we should all agree that above all, safety is vital. Step outside of your comfort zone, take a class, learn something new or just refresh your memory. Help pass on the safe sport of shooting to our children and set a good example.

- That Guy

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What's Wrong With Women

What's wrong with women?! Seriously. I just don't get it.

Here's what happened: I taught a basic handgun course last night...

....For women only.

....And women showed up.

Photo Credit(s): masterfile
Saaaaaaaaaaay whaaaaaaaaaaa?
I know what you must be thinking. Shocking, right! How absurd! You mean to tell me that women are wanting to learn to shoot? Women are concerned about safety? Women think they can learn about firearms for protection and sport? What year is it?!?!

If you are reading this first off 1) a sincere "Thanks!" 2) I am not a feminist 3) I realize we are in the 21st century. The point of this silly post is instead to plead with you:
You owe it to yourself to never stop learning. Educate yourself and learn something new.

Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying, "Do something everyday that scares you."

Now, I'd like to add to that whatever it may be, use your best judgement and don't hurt others or yourself. Have fun! Live life! After all, you might end up saving your own one day.

Praise to the women (and men) of this world that are eager to learn! :)


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Last Resort ~ First Option

I had the pleasure and opportunity to take a trip to a growing city, Madison, just outside of Hunstville, Alabama. Nestled on the aptly named County Line Road sits Last Resort Guns, Inc, a Firearms Store and Indoor Range. At first glance one may wonder what to expect walking across the parking lot into such a exaggerated rectangle building...

Photo Credit: Last Resort Guns

But once inside, Bill; Sales Manager, warmly welcomed me. I was in awe of the beautifully lighted gun case and wall-to-wall accessories. The entire staff and crew were friendly and knowledgeable - a trait hard to find nowadays. You'll find a handful of active, retired, and veteran LEO and Military folks behind the counter. I LOVE THAT!

The indoor, 25 yard, climate controlled,12-lane range has a designated pistol or rifle section. It's absolutely beautiful. I'd like to note that these guys use top of the line equipment and spare no expense for the utmost safety in their facility. In our line of work there is never such a thing as being "too safe." Safety is paramount!

Guns and Cross Fit? I hope I didn't spill the beans, but inside the training room I got the juicy details on a fun-filled (and safe & controlled) event combining outdoor Cross Fit obstacle courses paired with indoor shooting competition. How fun is that?! LRGI offers several other training courses at their facility from beginners basic handgun & permits, to advanced and tactical.

I always enjoy exploring other ranges, firearm shops, and training facilities and these guys are doing it right.

For more information on Last Resort Guns and Indoor Range:


10849 County Line Rd, Madison, AL 35758

(256) 774-5741


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do Yourself A Favor

Education. Training. Knowledge. No matter what you call it, some form of higher learning can only help you along the way. In our industry, far too often do we see folks who were too busy rather than uninformed; that in haste have make major mistakes that could forever cost him or her. Our tagline is "Safety isn't expensive - it's priceless." It is my hope to not cast judgment upon others but merely give a different view if you will, and get the gears turning to hopefully new ideas, practices, and procedures that can save a life.

So do yourself a favor.....

And slooooooow down. Take time to be aware of what is going on around you. If you carry a handgun think about what you may be doing - in haste - that could backfire (sore pun, indeed) from your decisions.

Learn how to shoot.

My husband doesn't pick out my clothes so he surely isn't picking out my handgun. I have to try on all different sizes and cuts at Old Navy for jeans so a similar trying on is required to find the perfect fit of a handgun. If you can't get your outstretched hand around the grip that's a good sign it's not right for you. What looks like it might be a good fit can surprise you once you get to the dressing room (or the firing range). Take your time. Do your research. Feel confident. If you aren't confident - you're missing the point.

Keep it Covered.

Conceal carry. And conceal well. No one likes handgun printing. It makes the anti-gunners shriek in fear, and the other conceal carriers let out a sigh, Come on man! Get yourself together!

Ladies - if you carry a handgun in your conventional purse please use a holster (which primary objective is to protect the trigger from inadvertent contact) or a dedicated pocket free from lipstick and cracker crumbs. I know how hardheaded many of you are so please don't shame me on the approval of just tossing a firearm into a never-ending black hole of a handbag. It happens, and far too many of you do it.

Follow Through.

Your duty as a firearm owner never ceases. Your shift is 24/7/365. Understand it. Embrace it. Uphold it. A loaded firearm (especially with children) demands extra precautions and extra responsibilities.

Think about a long day drawing to a close, how many of you set the purse on the kitchen counter and forget about it... If someone breaks in.... Oh look! I can steal your purse, which has your wallet, and... your firearm!  Or if a child has access to your purse and contents then we could have another sad news release of a mother who, like all the stories state, was an avid shooter and safety was important, and yet....

I have always believed there is a fine line between prepared and paranoid.... which are you?


PhotoCredit: Lucky Gunner Ammo